In the previous recipe, I shared the recipe for making soy milk Cassida sauce. While the iron is hot, today I will share Cassida sauce sandwich bread. The prepared soy milk sauce has a place to go. Today, I will also share the shaping method for a type of bread, similar to the method of making long bread strips with old-fashioned cream bread. I have learned the specific methods for this type of bread, and as for adding any filling to make sandwich, I can freely. If I am too lazy to make sauce, I can directly apply jam to make sandwich Heart is all possible. This bread is also made using the direct method of one-time fermentation, and the formula is exactly the amount of a 28 by 28 square baking plate. The 28 square baking plate is a commonly used baking plate at home, which is more convenient for friends to replicate. I made 8 rectangular bread, and in summary, 10 square baking plates are better, and 8 are more suitable for rectangular molds

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